Shailung: A hidden land of treasures

Shailung: A hidden land of treasures

Sailung is a meeting point of nature and religion that is located in the border area of Dolakha and Ramechhap district. It is situated at an altitude of 3150 m southwest of Dolakha district. This place was given Sailung as it has around hundred small hillocks rolling over the whole place like the meadows of heaven. This place receives maximum devotees on Janai Purnima, Balachaturdashi and the Bara Barse Mela as it is believed as a residence of Sailungeshwor Mahadev, a form of Lord Shiva. From this view point Mt. Everest, Machhapuchhre, Ganesh Himal, Kathmandu Valley and Tarai region are clearly visible. After climbing up a certain altitude, only thing we can see is the hillocks all around and also the mountains surrounding the landscape. In winter, snow covers this hill for two months. It is also popular as the place where Gautam Buddha had visited and the place where 13 colors of the sun can be seen in a day. The area is a famous as Natural view tower and also rich in Tamang culture.

This place can be reached through a motor able road that leads the way up from Mude, Dolakha. The best way to complete this trip in short but excellent way would be to travel from Mude to Dhunge. After spending a night at Dhunge, next day you can hike up to the Sailung hills to see the golden sunrise. The drive from Kathmandu to Mude takes about 5 hours. From Dhunge, its 3 hours hike to reach Sailung.

Best time to visit Sailung:

Every season is best to visit this place. Spring season will let you experience lots of beautiful rhododendron forests. The rainy season might bring some difficulty to walk but the greenery in those meadows is heavenly for sure. The winter season will let you experience the clear views of mountains all around. Around February/March, the snow covered hillocks would be certainly something to see.

Reasons for very few tourists:

  • Limited accommodation facilities:

At Dhunge, there are very limited homestays to stay. You can stay there in a local lifestyle and enjoy talking with people over there. There are not cozy hotels and teashops like other places to trek in Sailung. One needs to be prepared for experiencing the way local people live. There are few accommodation facilities at Dhunge with fewer amenities. Though you won’t be getting much of materialistic pleasure there, your heart will melt with the warmth of people over there.

  • No proper road access:

The road after passing Mude is very narrow and without blacktopped. From Mude, it is around 26 kilometers up to Dhunge, but due to bad road condition, it takes about 2-3 hours to get there.

  • No proper promotion:

Whenever one talk about place to visit in Dolakha, Kalinchowk is the place most discussed about Dolakha. Having tendency to be one of the finest destination for domestic and foreign travellers, only few knows about Shailung. Someone who had already visited both Kalinchowk and Shailung finds no huge differences between these two destinations. Only difference one finds will be less or no tourist. The tourism governing bodies as well as stake holders are not promoting this majestic destination. One of the reasons Kalinchowk receives huge tourist every year is self-promotion on various social sites. But only few had visited Shailung and posted their photos on social sites. After Kalinchowk reaches its carrying capacity, Shailung could be great option for travelers.

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