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10 Good reasons for booking your vacation package with Liberty Holidays

1. Quality service
We pride ourselves in offering quality service all the way and are confident in our ability to realise and exceed our clients’ high level of expectations. We monitor our customers’ satisfaction and are always looking for new ways to improve our vacation packages and services.

2. Local expertise
Being locals, we have firsthand experience of our products. We pick and cooperate with the very best hotels, guides and local providers to make up our vacation packages. We know them, and they know us.

3. Personal touch
We meet our customers in person and provide them with detailed information about their holiday. Once you arrive at your destination, you will be greeted by one of our friendly drivers or representatives. We will then set up a meeting with you to inform you about your vacation, what to see, do and experience.

4. We are easy to find 
It is always good to know that if anything comes up and you need assistance, our offices are easy to find. Our offices are located in the very center of Kathmandu tourist hub, Next door to Hotel Vaishali a great majority of the hotels we use in each city.

5. Qualified and experienced staff
We are experienced at what we do. We are in our 10 and half year of operation and have helped thousands of happy customers. All our staff members have traveled extensively and know what makes a good vacation in the south asia. Our team is made up of friendly people with different backgrounds and qualifications, all working to help you enjoy the best of the south asia countries.

6. We are approved by governments and fully insured
Liberty Holidays is fully licensed by the Nepal government as an incoming trekking and travel agency. We are a member of the ASTA, PATA, JATA, NATTA, NTB etc,.

7. Value for money
By booking directly with a local travel agency, you will be able to cut out the middle man and get greater value for your money. Compare our prices and content with those of our competitors and be convinced.

8. Save time and hassle
When you book a package with us, we do all the work for you, meaning that we remove the guesswork and save you the time and hassle of making the travel arrangements by yourself.

9. Stay in touch
We can offer you a mobile phone card with a local phone number upon arrival in Nepal (It is upon customer requirement), and 500 Rupee credit on most of our individual vacation packages, and 24-hour emergency service. We do this to make you feel confident and to be able to assist you immediately if something comes up.

10. Tailor-made packages
We can custom-make your vacation package according to your every need. We have the capability and expertise to tailor-make any type of holiday in South Asia countries. Do contact us with your ideas; we would be more than happy to assist you.

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